Why should a company give back? It’s simple, the thought of hard work that pays off for a business is predicated by the mission to give back and help others that might not be able to help themselves. Those that are hungry, out of work, homeless and more. Shifting consumer preferences means businesses need to adopt a new paradigm. One in which the business serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits. One way our business can meet consumer expectations is by giving back.

Box N Out has made it one of their cornerstones to give back to the community it serves. As stated on their website:

Becoming part of the Box N Out caring community, individuals and businesses know that with each cardboard box or Polystyrene White Foam they donate, they help improve the lives of those less fortunate in their communities.

By donating your daily cardboard or Polystyrene White Foam to Box N Out, you are benefitting local churches and charities and responsibly becoming your own recycler.

By scheduling a weekly pickup, you are taking part in a more environmentally friendly process.  Box N Out will collect, bale, and ship the cardboard directly to the papermills.  There are no middlemen or large power-consuming sorting facilities being used.

Our Box N Out Ambassador Program provides a fun and unique way to donate your time by volunteering at one of our many events.  Click here to learn more.

Support local!  Box N Out is headquartered right here in Southwest Florida.  By donating your used cardboard or Polystyrene White Foam, you are helping to create local jobs.  Our unique recruiting process will aim to provide local well-paying jobs to those that need them the most.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to the following generous organizations which we have supported with our donations and in our mission to help those in need.

As part of our Mission, we dedicate ourselves to providing transparency from the very first transaction.  By keeping this commitment, you will be able to see first hand that your donated cardboard is working to improve the lives of those less fortunate.