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Every process is unique and ours is not any different. The answers to the following frequently asked questions or inquiries are designed to help you understand how we operate, how we work and what we do in regards to you and Box-N-Out. If you have a question that is not answered here please contact Box-N-Out and we will be glad to respond in kind.

How do I get on a Box N Out Route, and how will I know when the pickups will be?

Simply fill out the form on this website or contact Box N Out directly to speak to a team member.  Based on where you’re located, we can schedule a time and date when our team is near your neighborhood. It is suggested that a date and time different than your regular waste pickup is arranged.

If you are a business client, please fill out the online form or contact Box N Out directly, and a Business Account Specialist will contact you to perform a quick consultation. 

Where do I place my cardboard?

Please place your cardboard in a contractor bag near the curb. Make sure that you don’t block a fire hydrant or mailbox. If you prefer one of our team members to collect the cardboard from your home directly, please let us know when scheduling, and every effort will be made on the part of Box N Out to accommodate.

If you are a business client, a process and location will be arranged during the consultation.

Will you take all of my used cardboard?

Due to specific EPA regulations, Box N Out can only collect cardboard that has not come into contact with food, liquid, or biohazard material.

What if I need an additional pickup day?

We understand that you may accumulate more cardboard during certain times of the year, for example, after a holiday, birthday, or other special occasions.  If you need to request an additional pickup date, contact Box N Out, and we will make every effort to accommodate the extra demand.

If you are a business client, we understand that product shipments can increase during certain times of the year.  During your consultation, our Business Account Specialist will help to identify the need for additional pickups during these special times.

Do I need to flatten the cardboard before pickup?

You are welcome to flatten the cardboard before your scheduled pickup date; however, this is not required. We ask that you do your best to remove any material except white foam that is not cardboard before placing the cardboard in the pickup location.

I have an organization that participates in fundraising. Can Box N Out Help?

Box N Out provides an amazing and unique opportunity to raise funds for your organization.  Please contact Box N Out, and one of our Fundraising Specialist will get in touch with you to provide a consultation.

How can I be sure that proceeds from my cardboard are being donated?

One of Box N Outs Founding values is to provide complete transparency from day one.  Our dedication to keeping a real time tally of revenue earned, monies donated, and to where the monies were donated to can be found here (link to the “tally page”).

Can I select where the proceeds from my cardboard will be donated?

Box N Out will be tithing 10% of all proceeds to local churches.  Another 10% of proceeds will go to local charities and non-profit organizations based on community needs. We encourage all of our clients to assist us in identifying the needs in their local communities.  Box N Out is dedicated to hearing your voice and leveraging your close connection to your Community to make sure that monies donated make the most impact possible to change the lives of those in need.

If you have a certain church, charity, or non-profit organization you are passionate about, please contact Box N Out and share your passion and vision.

Why should I use Box N Out over my current waste removal company(s) to recycle my used cardboard?

Waste removal companies provide a vital service to our everyday lives.  Box N Out aims to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers recycle their cardboard and white packing foam by becoming their own recyclers and being responsible..  We still encourage you to help the environment by recycling your plastic, paper, and other waste byproducts with your current waste removal company.

The reason we ask you to consider Box N Out as your cardboard and white packing foam/EPS recycling partner is that you can feel confident that your donations will be impacting the lives of those in need.  You will be joining a caring community dedicated to making a difference.

As a business client, your company will be listed as a Caring Company letting all those who need your product or service know that you are invested in the Community you conduct business.

How can I donate money or volunteer at fundraising events?

Box N Out encourages all of our customers to get involved as much as they desire.  To make a monetary donation, please click here (link to donation portal), mail your donation to (address), or contact Box N Out, and one of team members will be in contact with you if you are having issues with paying through our online portal.

If you’re interested in volunteering at a local fundraising event, please click here to fill out our volunteer form.  One of our team members will be in touch with you as we book fundraising events in your area.

Can I donate all of my Polystyrene (white) Foam?

Due to EPA regulations, Box N Out can accept any Polystyrene Foam that has not come into contact with food, liquid, or other contaminants.

My business accumulates a large volume of Polystyrene (white) Foam, and we do not have room to store it in between pick-ups. Do you have a solution?

Box N Out can provide your business with a customized solution to process and store the Polystyrene (white) Foam you accumulate in between pick-ups.  Contact us today so that we can learn more about your current volume and method of disposal.

What does Box N Out do with the Polystyrene (white) Foam that is donated?

Once we receive a donation of Polystyrene (white) Foam, the material goes through a densification process in which the air is removed from the foam. Once we have enough densified Polystyrene, we then ship the material directly to an end-user that repurposes the product.

Is your densification process environmentally safe?

Our process is environmentally safe.  By densifying the Polystyrene, we are keeping the material out of our landfills and oceans.  Also, because we have direct relationships with the end-users, less energy is used in transporting the product so that it can be repurposed.

Can I request a special pick up of Polystyrene (white) Foam if I accumulate a large volume at once?

Box N Out can arrange a special pick-up if you find your storage space suddenly filled with Polystyrene (white) Foam. If you continue to accumulate large quantities, Box N Out can offer a customized solution and a regular pick-up day convenient for you.

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