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Are you excited about the Box N Out mission
and have the desire to get more involved?
Become a Box N Out Ambassador today!
As a Box N Out Ambassador, you can help the mission in several ways.

Help out at a local Box N Out Fundraiser. You can do everything from greet donators, flatten cardboard, and help load the truck at these events.  These events will be a great time with nothing but positive energy from start to finish.

Organize a Box N Out Donation Block Party in your neighborhood. You provide the location and help get the word out by canvassing your neighborhood with event flyers, and Box N Out will do the rest.  We will provide entertainment, refreshments, and the Box N Out Ambassador team to ensure your neighborhood’s Donation Block Party is a success.

Become an advocate for causes that are close to your heart. Assist us in bridging the gap between our company and those non-profit organizations in your local community. We only ask that the values of those organizations align with the values of Box N Out.

Host a fundraising benefit for a family or individual in your local community that may require immediate assistance.

If you have other ideas on how you would like to contribute to our mission, our door is always open to listen.

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To be considered for a Box N Out Ambassador position in your community, click the button below and fill out the Ambassador Application Form.

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