Why should I recycle cardboard?

Do you have cardboard recycling bins at your home or work, or do you have other containers where you could put your cardboard before it’s recycled?

Many people do have cardboard recycling bins at home but, as the popularity of recycling increases, boxes are becoming less and less recycled. These are all part of a general shift to “compostables”, which include most packaging, paper and cardboard.

When was the last time you had cardboard boxes recycled?

BoxNOut.com is the solution for recycling your clean cardboard. We collect it, bind it and send it off to be made into new carboard boxes. Plus we donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities.

How can I get my local community to recycle?

volunteers at box n outHow do I encourage others around me to recycle? How can I promote recycling and a more sustainable way of life? When recycling, why is it an option in some places at present, but not in my corner of the world? And which benefits do I get from recycling? Most recently, we have found an interesting example of a company who is now starting to take some action on recycling in their local community. He is setting up an urban waste recycler in his neighborhood and is beginning to use his time to help other residents at the same time! The company is BoxNOut. Located in Arcadia Florida, they pick up cardboard and polystyrene white foam  within a 100 mile radius. Recycling is what they are all about.

Call today 1-877-992-2736.

BoxNOut.com is the solution for recycling cardboard.

baled cardboardBoxNOut.com is a local waste company that helps reduce landfill waste each and every day. The company will take your cardboard and polystyrene white foam and help turn it into new things, products, and even giving back by donating some proceeds to local charities. Your boxes will be sent off to the cardboard recycling facility, where a truck comes by once a week and picks up your empty cardboard boxes. They put the empty boxes into the binder where they become large square pallets of cardboard, which goes directly to the remanufacturer where the cardboard is recycled and then it goes to the new cardboard manufacturing process. BoxedOut.com takes all of the original boxes for recycling, and helps turn them into new cardboard boxes bypassing the landfill process.