We believe that recycling cardboard is an important way to reduce our carbon footprint and save resources. This is because recycling cardboard uses 25% less energy than making new cardboard, which means less greenhouse-gas emissions. The paper industry uses a lot of energy. The New York Times said that if the paper industry were its own country, it would be the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world. This is why recycling is important to avoid harming our planet any further.

Cardboard as a resource is a priceless commodity. It can be recycled more than six times. There are a few ways cardboard can be recycled. One way is by recycling old boxes into new boxes, which will save money and resources. Another way to recycle cardboard is by making it into other products. Often times, cardboard can be recycled into furniture, bags, and other useful products.

On average, Americans discard about 185 pounds of cardboard per person annually. Cardboard is a wonderfully sturdy and lightweight material, but when it reaches the landfill, it becomes an environmental hazard because not enough oxygen is present to decompose it quickly. It also produces methane gas, which is extremely damaging to our atmosphere. It’s a simple solution to a modern dilemma. Research shows that recycling cardboard boxes can reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by up to 50%.

Individuals and businesses should help in the recycle process. Box N Out is a faith driven local company that not only collects cardboard, but also hard polystyrene white foam. You know the kind of packing that surrounds Tv’s, electronics and other fragile items in a box. Also those inexpensive throw-a-way coolers. Box N Out, located in Arcadia, Florida collects these items from all around the southwest region from Sebring to Ft. Myers to Bradenton currently. And better yet, Box N Out gives back some of it’s hard earned profits to local churches and charities to help those in need.

It’s our way of being good stewards of Mother Earth and helping others in the process.

Contact Box N Out today for more information: 1-877-992-2736

Featured image courtesy of The Lincoln Journal Star